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Most Common Traffic Violations


As a responsible driver you need to follow the rules and regulations of driving. If you’re knowledgeable and practice self-disciple you’d be able to avoid some common violations on the road. Below are list of some common traffic violations you need to know and prevent from doing.


Most drivers are guilty of this traffic violation. They commit this type of violation because some of them are in a hurry and would like to be in their targeted destination right away. However there are some situations wherein you didn’t realize that you’re driving too fast because there’s so much thing going on in your mind. So in order to stop speeding you need to focus and keep your eye on the road and dashboard.

Be aware of Stop Sign and Red Light

Another common traffic violation is not stopping on stop sign or red light. It’s very important to be familiar with traffic signs. If there’s a stop sign you need to stop because there might be a check point or there’s a danger ahead. Also, once you see the red light make sure to stop to avoid vehicular accident. Honestly, stopping on a stop sign and red light is a simple and easy rule that we need to follow.

Unsafe Lane Changes

As much as possible avoid this common traffic violation especially if you’re on the freeway or highway. Changing lane suddenly is very dangerous. It can cause a minor or major accident not only for you but also for your passengers and other vehicles as well. If you need to change lane make sure you do the proper signal and timing.

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