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Mobile 3D Self-Servicing Module is Taiwan’s New Potential Technology Market


If that is the next big thing in the mobile industry, Taiwanese retail sector is completely ready to be on top of it. This novel venture in customer self-serving module is known as 3D Mobile Sensing, a technique by using which smartphone users can be able to do shopping entirely without the need for any human assistance. Notable smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and some Chinese-based mobile makers are already trying their hands in this newly emerging self-service technology. 3D Mobile Sensing technology primarily uses facial recognition protocols in order to assist a customer pick-and-purchase a product/service all by themselves. Superb, isn’t it? Well, let hear more about this great news!

As the technology gradually grows, mobile phone users will find an altogether pleasing and enhanced customer experience where a device owner, without the need of fingerprinting or human interference, can be able to do shopping just by facial recognition. This could mean that shoppers are now ever close to get real-time experiences of products powered by Augmented Reality (another revolutionary technology).

Plus, shopping at a cashier-less facility will be the next standard in self-servicing customer module of shopping. But how Taiwan claims the lead in this emerging technology trend? Well, they have the world-class self-servicing shopping complex that is already using 3D Mobile Sensing technology as well as the right kind of hardware.

Taiwan has been the world tech hardware center for several decades. It has been supplying world-class hardware components to such stalwarts of the hardware sector like Win Semiconductors, Advance Wireless Semiconductor, Dell & other American hardware manufacturers. These manufacturers have the right set of technology to properly implement 3D sensing module, given that the correct hardware components provided. That’s where Taiwan comes into the play. Renowned Taiwanese hardware makers Newmax Technology and Largan Precision are currently the best optical hardware makers in the global competition. And optical components play a big role in 3D Mobile Sensing technology.

“Taiwanese optical firms such as Largan and Newmax have an edge in optics components, especially since infrared camera lenses pose more difficulties than normal…mobile camera lenses do,” says Jason Tsai, an analyst with Taipei-based market research firm TrendForce.

Facial-Recognition Phones Will Be the New Standard

According to TrendForce, market revenue for phones with vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser arrays will hit the $1.14 Billion mark in the next few months to a year. This is the major component which enables facial recognition feature in a handset. That’s not at all a bad sign for 3D Mobile Sensing market, especially that of Taiwanese makers. Apple is reported to launch 3D Sensing feature in their upcoming edition of iPhone XR in 2020, a kind of smartphone series that will use front-camera for enabling 3D facial recognition feature. With this new booming sector, Win Semiconductors are also eyeing the opportunity as a very “optimistic” to produce 3D sensing hardware for mobile phones.

Android phones too are not behind adopting this new self-service “shoppers” module: Chinese mobile brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, and Vivo are already testing 3D Sensing Technology, known in their phones as “Time of Flight” feature. For the Taiwan optical diode makers like Newmax or Largan Precision, this newly evolved breed of 3D sensor mobile phones is what gives them an edge over many other competitors globally. Largan Precision has already started to create a variety of 3D-enabled infrared lenses and frontal-cameras for several mobile phone modules/hardware makers.

As a customer or a shopper, it is no longer a reality of a distant fiction when you spoke or think about a certain service/product and boo! It’s right there in front of you. And with its technically-edgy optical quarter, Taiwan is all set to take the lead which, for now, it rightfully deserves in the 3D sensing technology industry.

Source Link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ralphjennings/2019/08/27/mobile-3d-sensing-taiwans-tech-sector-senses-new-chance-to-make-money/#41789c455d7f


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