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MLW Founder Court Bauer Talks about MJF Working For AEW and MLW


AEW want all of their talent on board for their television debut but that presents a problem as MJF is signed with both AEW and MLW and he holds tag team gold with the latter. The Montreal Screwjob resulted from one side being afraid of its current champion showing up in another promotion with a belt.

MLW founder Court Bauer said,

“There’s this misnomer that it’s like Cinderella at midnight and things are gonna automatically change when [AEW] go on TV. That’s not the case because we have pre-existing contracts and the guys that are with us are for the duration of those contracts. At that point we’ll have a conversation on if we continue to work with them or they go their separate ways,” said Bauer. “But it’s not gonna just happen overnight where October X you’re gonna be only on that show. They have pre-existing contracts with us.”

Bauer also said he has nothing negative to say about them. Their talks have been great and AEW has been very easy going. He stated that it was in everyone’s best interest to find ways to work things out rather than to flex and be all ego-driven. He was then asked about Moxley expressing his frustrations with WWE and himself being a former WWE writer and he said that he Love Moxley but they did not have any conversations.

He further stated that at WWE there are guys who advocate and say it’s the best place in the world and then you have people say they were liberated in leaving there. Bauer said WWE was so different when he was there as opposed to how it is now.

“I don’t know how the creative team could work without direct access and collaborating with [Vince] because he micromanages creative and gives the big picture. If you’re presenting a product and the day of the show is the first time you get to have face time with him, I imagine it’s probably a challenging proposition,” said Bauer. “But again, I’m not there so I don’t know.” Bauer was then asked to weigh in on the Sami Callihan-Jim Cornette issue which led to Callihan’s exit from MLW.

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