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Mintegral Introduces App-based Header Bidding Technology


Interactive advertising platform Mintegral has launched in-app header bidding, which will make the firm the first organization to use this kind of technology. Now, mobile app publishers and other stakeholders will have ab easy time finding the right buyers for every impression, which will increase advertising revenue.

The header bidding system is a programmatic bidding innovation that will offer users the chance to compete for impressions. Unlike conventional waterfall auction, systems where advertisement requests occur sequentially demand-side systems, ad networks bids occur concurrently, and the highest will win.

Although the waterfall system is considered effective, Mintegral feels it is not helpful when it comes to maximizing profits for investors and publishers. Under waterfall systems, publishers pass their inventories from a demand-side to the next from largest to smallest. This is often based on income an advertiser has earned for a publisher in a prior engagement.

Often, this leads to an underestimation of actual value of inventories leading to loss of revenue. The new system was designed to solve these issues. Publisher will not need to spend too much time and energy to manage and optimize waterfall. Information such as the people bidding, trends, where or when the highest bidder is located is easily available.

As a result, there is a better understanding of a publisher’s real value and traffic. It is also possible to automate the optimization process.

Currently, the firm offers both server to server and client to server products. For developers and publishers to achieve higher advertising revenues, they should integrate Mintegral’s SDK product using a choice solution that meets individual needs.

Mintegral was founded four years ago and has its headquarters in Beijing with offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Seoul, London, New Delhi, and San Francisco.

Source Link: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/mintegral-launches-app-header-bidding-121300508.html

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