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Mint Crypto to make an institutional crypto exchange platform

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There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are directly connected to technologies. As a matter of fact, cryptos are technologies themselves. Therefore it’s natural that tech companies are interested in it. For example, Silicon Valley is the best place for crypto companies to go to when looking for tech company partnerships.

Looks like one of the crypt exchanges called Mint Crypto already had that idea and partnered up with Integral Development Corp. The corporation is focused on creating end-to-end electronic trading platforms, right up the alley of Mint Crypto. According to the company’s announcement, the two companies will collaborate to create an institutional crypto exchange platform.

Integral’s relationship with cryptos

As a matter of fact, the tech companies don’t really need to be contacted by crypto companies to actually make crypto projects themselves. Integral has already been looking into the new industry and gaining experience. They were essential to the integration of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies on the OCX trading platform. All of this happened when the crypto boom was in full swing in late 2017. After the boom cooled down a bit, the company didn’t stop with its advancement, earlier in 2018 Integral made partnerships with 16 crypto exchanges around the world and started featuring 14 different coins.

What’s in it for Mint?

Mint is a relatively new player in the cryptocurrency industry compared to larger exchanges. However, they know how to make friends and good ones at that. This partnership could prove to be one of the best, not only for Mint Exchange but also for the cryptosphere in general. Mint will be able to access the resources of Integral, this includes their experience in local regulation and operational management. What’s even better is that Integral focuses on doing cloud-based business, meaning that they can easily cut back on servers and hardware.

Thanks to the partnership, the gap between traditional financial institutions and newer players will become smaller and smaller in the future. Not only does Mint Exchange think about the already existing customer experience, but it also wants to bring in veteran traders to the market and introduce them to the world of blockchain.

Mint Exchange seems to be particularly proud of the fact that it will be able to leverage the resources of Integral, including their regulatory and operational practices, cloud-based workflow management and trading platform. As such, the partnership further bridges the gap between traditional finance and the blockchain sector which brings added value to its customers, as well as providing familiar expertise for non-crypto investors to explore the world of virtual tokens.

In addition, Mint will be able to expose itself to the public more often. Integral does not have a small FX platform for sure. The daily average of $4 billion is a testimony to that. With such a high volume in FX, they will definitely be able to handle some cryptocurrencies every now and then.

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