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Military Vehicles to be Installed with Technology that could Eliminate the need for Humans on the Battlefield


BAE Systems, an aerospace firm in partnership with the Australian army are working to convert M113 AS4s armoured personnel carriers to have autonomous technology. This technology is expected to eliminate the need for soldiers on the ground during time of war.

In a statement released this Tuesday, the British firm BAE Systems said they would undertake tests to understand the concept of autonomous units in the battlefield. Tests will end this coming October.

Autonomous units are expected to help the military implement Robotics and autonomous systems strategy, according to BAE. The autonomous units will be able to carry out multiple functions on behalf of the army including logistical support as well as intelligence collection.

In general, the Australian army’s RAS will focus on leveraging new technology like artificial intelligence autonomous systems and robotics.

Autonomous systems will help soldiers respond quickly in an environment with accelerated warfare. This will increase their speed and will help soldiers outsmart, out-manoeuvre and outpace unconventional and conventional threats, according to BAE Systems.

Intelligent and connected technologies have started to revolutionize the military. In February of this year, British Military began developing $1.22 million worth of software development in an effort to understand the impact of virtual reality on the training of soldiers. They want to know how VR can be included in military training.

At that time, the British military stated that the VR project would focus on the applications of virtual reality. The tool to be used in this pilot test will include VR headsets; a number of avatars that could be fashioned to copy the facial features or body shape. The VR project will also include technology that works with data analysis and capture systems.

Source Link: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/04/new-technology-could-remove-the-need-for-humans-on-the-battlefield.html

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