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Milan Kordestani is building his own legacy

Milan Kordestani

What does it take to build an empire? Is there a formula, algorithm or even an app to help you become a king in the business world? If only it was that easy to understand how business tycoons are made. A short and simple answer to it is hard work and commitment. If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to work hard for it and be completely focused. This is something most people will tell you. However, it is so much more than this. It’s not only about putting in as many hours as you can but it is also about knowledge. You need to be fully educated about the industry you are trying to break in. Understanding the business world, researching the current market, and employing optimum means of resources are just some of things you need to know before even thinking about forming a business. Once you have obtained everything you need to know about it, only then you can take the big leap of becoming an entrepreneur. Here’s someone we would like to introduce, who at a very young age of 18, has managed to take big leaps and has achieved big results with his businesses. A student of Colorado College, Milan Kordestani has not only understood the market trends very well but is currently also excelling in not one but three of his startups!

Milan Kordestani is the son of billionaire business baron, Omid R. Kordestani who is the current Executive Chairman of Twitter. His mother Bita Daryabari is the founder of Pars Equality Center. As mentioned above, Milan has three business ventures under his belt namely ‘Milan Farms’, ‘Guin Records’ & ‘Dormzi’. Milan Farms is a unique poultry and egg production startup that aims to create networks of sustainable farmers within regions to sell humanely raised products in supermarkets. farm that only utilizes organic means of production which guarantees the best available quality. His second startup, ‘Guin Records’, he and his sister Misha manage and promote upcoming Hip Hop and Rap artists in the country who they feel are talented and deserve to have their stories heard. It has already become a home to over 10 artists. Third, ‘Dormzi’ is an upcoming, one of its kind app that helps you manage college life better while earning a small income on the side which Milan started with co-founder Sabine Rizvi. This app will revolutionize how students invest their time in college.

Milan Kordestani

It is absolutely incredible to notice how young guns like Milan are making their mark in the business world while also focusing on education. It is great to see how Milan has grasped the understanding on how business is done. Milan says, “the success of any business depends on your dedication to the job at hand. I do my utmost at all times to make sure my startups become successes”. He also adds, “I’d love to create a legacy for myself that will hopefully inspire others to peruse their dreams through entrepreneurship at a young age”. It is quite noteworthy to see how the son of a billionaire wishes to make a mark in the business world all by himself.

Apart from giving all his time to education and business, Milan spends his free time nourishing his skills as a competitive equestrian. He has been competing since he was young and earned some impressive titles to date. We give our best to Milan who has already achieved a reputed name in business at such a young age.

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