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Microsoft’s To Do App Redesigned in Quest to Replace Wunderlist


Microsoft has been working tirelessly to try and face out Wunderlist since 2017, but with little success. However, now, the company hinted that they expect to pull in more users thanks to the new redesigned To Do app – for both mobile and desktop. The new interface not only offers a fresher look, but it also allows tighter integration with Microsoft’s in-house services.

With the redesigned app users can now flag messages from email inbox and instantly or directly forward them to their current important task list, as well as integrate shared lists between Microsoft Planner and those Assigned to Me. Top on that, with the newly upgraded interface users, can add tasks created using different Alexa powered gadgets such as Echo speakers.

Talking of the appearance, the To Do app is now more flexible in terms of allowing you to set up custom backgrounds, giving you a wide array of images, landmarks, and celebs you may want to see every time you access it.

Not only on Windows, but the tech giant also intends to make the software convenient for Android users, Mac and iOS powered devices, with the first beneficiaries hinted to be iOS 13 and iPadOS.

While Wunderlist is still recommended than Microsoft’s offer, the upgrade is expected to compel and impress more users, especially with the ingenious functions such as the multi-factor authentication feature that practically enhances personal security by shielding hackers from accessing your agendas any time.

Despite all these efforts, it is obvious that the software developer will have to work harder and over time in terms of marketing to be able to convince users to migrate from the other options that are available in the market – not forgetting the fact that this is not the first time the company has tried the same thing.

Source Link: https://www.engadget.com/2019/09/09/microsoft-to-do-redesign/


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