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Microsoft Surface Event Will Be Held on 2 October at NYC


All the journalists and press party of the New York City, be ready as Microsoft has announced that it will stage the unveiling event of its next-gen PC-hardware – Microsoft Surface – on 2 October in NYC. So, to attach authority to this news, Microsoft has already sent out press invitations to the media in NYC for the designated date. The event is anticipated to showcase Microsoft’s long-awaited dual-screen Surface computer device. Microsoft Surface is a hardware that is based on touch-and-play philosophy and does not have a keyboard attached.

Currently, Microsoft offers Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Go, and Surface Laptop. These computer devices are also among some of the high-end PC machines available right now.

So, getting back to our main focus, everyone’s eyes will be on the “showstopper” of the event: project codename Centaurus. That is the secret name given to the much-anticipated latest arrival to the Surface series. Online tech pundits are already laying out their own predictions about the upcoming suspense of the NYC Microsoft Surface event. Some say it will be a foldable surface mobile, while others have opined in favor of a dual-screen laptop/tablet hybrid, which will most likely be the case, if true at all.

If Microsoft successfully unveiled the innovative dual-screen Surface model at the upcoming event, this will become another history-making chapter in what is supposed to be an already once-in-a-lifetime technology company. Well, with much of the hype being already discussed about the main item, other things that will be discussed/unveiled at the event will be the enhancements Microsoft is planning to bring to its Surface devices. So, if you are in NYC and associated with any media house, this is your turn to make a glittering first-hand report over what Microsoft is going to baffle the audience with on this year’s Microsoft Surface event.

Source Link: https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/news/windows/microsoft-surface-event-2-october-3701502/

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