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Merc Launches Real-Time Digital Assistant


Mercedes –Benz Trucks has introduced Mercedes Benz Uptime powered by Fleetboard. This will significantly increase truck utilization due to his fully automatic “tele-diagnosis” capability which checks the stats of a truck in real time. By detecting problems with the vehicle, Uptime could stand to save people millions in repairs and could extend the life of a truck significantly.

How exactly does it work?

If repair requirements are identified by the system, the customer’s Mercedez Benz service partner will provide support with an optimal solution. Mercedez Benz Uptime benefits customers by accessing the vehicle data in real time.

A failure to do maintenance properly will increase the wear and tear to your vehicle and could cause a breakdown.

If a Truck that is fitted with the Uptime system is in danger of breaking down, the customer will be informed by the Mercedes Benz Customer Assistance Centre (CAC) without any delay. The CAC will check with the workshop to try and repair the vehicle without any delay. The result is that customers can avoid a potential breakdown.

Source Link: https://www.uptime-info.mercedes-benz.com/

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