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Meet the Real Estate Development Giant Driving Economic Growth in Eastern Europe

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Real estate development projects across Eastern Europe are helping to revitalize cities and boost economic growth.

Urban planning projects have the ability to radically shape cities, boosting their social and economic growth while improving the standards of living for the local populations.

One company by the name Dana Holdings understands this ideology quite well following its massive construction and development ventures in Eastern Europe, Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States countries over the last four decades.

In the early ‘80s, Dana Holdings was one of the first foreign firms to identify these countries as regions of potential economic growth, even as it endured its own country’s political instability.

By focusing on these emerging markets since then, the firm has found great success with its unique ‘city within a city’ concept, which combines residential, commercial, cultural, entertainment and educational facilities, enabling locals to tend to all of their needs in a one convenient location.

These comprehensive construction projects have also assisted in establishing the cities in these nations as strategic financial centers, with world-class business infrastructure attracting foreign investors, entrepreneurs and global businesses.


Perhaps the practical impact of such undertakings is best seen in Russia, where the company has completed multiple successful projects and remains active to this day.

Many of Dana Holdings’ finished ventures have served a major social and economic purpose in Russia, such as the main administrative office of Russia’s central bank, which is located in the center of Moscow, directly opposite the Kremlin.

And in Russia’s easternmost town, Anadyr, the Dana Holdings team worked diligently in -50° temperatures to construct important infrastructure projects including administrative facilities, hotel and an airport. They also set up the Institute of Natural Sciences at the North-Eastern Federal University in Eastern Siberia.

Today, Dana Holding is looking to repeat this success in strategic locations across Eastern and Central Europe. The company is currently working on building multifunctional complexes in the quickly expanding capital cities of Kazakhstan, Serbia and Belarus.

Minsk World

Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, is home to one of Dana Holdings’ most ambitious ventures to date. Going by the name Minsk World, the 3 million square meter project comprises of 24 residential quarters, open boulevards, playgrounds, a city park, cycling tracks, and a new metro line.

Minsk World is a community within a city and a place where residents and visitors can work, learn, shop and thrive.

An international financial centre is also underway and would become the cornerstone of the Minsk World complex, playing a vital role in attracting foreign investment to Belarus. In addition, it will link the financial giants of the East including Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong with major centers in the West, such as London, Paris, and New York.

Lying at the most central region of Eastern Europe, Belarus is conveniently positioned to form a link between the above dynamic economies.

Apart from that, the country benefits from a solid and stable political system, a great level of national security and a dependable network of human resources. All these factors appeal to foreign investors. Dana Holdings has also established the 1 million square meter Mayak Minska complex in the country.

Most importantly, though, Minsk World is more than a complex of skyscrapers: it boasts deep infrastructure, cutting-edge design and social cohesion.

With a variety of forward-thinking business and finance education centers planned for construction, Minsk World is expected to become a world-class educational hub for training people in the banking and finance sectors.

Furthermore, the center will benefit from a range of incentives designed to raise capital and offer financial services. These offerings will no doubt help in promoting Dana Holding’s vision for Minsk World – pushing economic growth and bringing success to all.

Tesla City

Moving south-west to Serbia, Dana Holdings have another ambitious project in the vibrant city of Belgrade.

Known as Tesla City, this 2 million square meter development hopes to modernize Belgrade’s CBD, while perfectly matching the city’s charming architecture.

The project aims to seamlessly blend the future and the past together, with a newly established boulevard linking Tesla City with the majestic city center.

The project consists of residential areas surrounded by restaurants, shops, swimming pools, an aquarium, an ice sink, its own metro station and greenery. Tesla City is anticipated to completely revitalize the region, bringing with a range of economic activity.

At the core of this development will be a massive, round plaza that will act as a social center and meeting point. This plaza will also harbor the Belgrade International Financial Center, which will serve as an important financial hub for Serbia and its surrounding regions.

Tesla Park

The new Nur-Sultan (previously Astana) capital of Kazakhstan is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Towering skyscrapers and futuristic buildings dominate the skyline while the population in the city has doubled since 2002.

Boasting such an impressive growth rate on top of a forward-thinking vision, the Kazakh capital has proven itself to be an ideal place for Dana Holding’s latest real estate development project – the innovative Tesla Park.

The project is set in one of the most dynamic parts of Nur-Sultan and covers a total area of 1.5 million square meters. Tesla Park will comprise all the essential elements of a modern, livable city, including state-of-the-art residential areas, schools, shops, and plenty of greenery.

As the project continues to progress steadily, Dana Holdings’ vision for Tesla Park is starting to take shape, creating a vibrant hub within the rapidly growing capital.

Nur-Sultan’s importance within the region is only expected to grow in the future, as it advances on its modernization drive and capitalizes further on its strategic location at the heart of the Silk Road.

As Dana Holdings continues to drive innovative development in the region, it’s easy to see a bright future for the capital city of Kazakhstan.

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