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Meet the Company that’s giving a New Dimension to Real Estate Investment

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For a long time now, real estate investment was considered a venture only suitable for the privileged class or anyone capable of shelling out millions.

Enters DiversifyFund, which is a company that has formulated a way to lower the barrier and allow anyone who had no access to investing in real estate before to design a diversified portfolio of real estate assets.

The company provides access for all, allowing you to invest as low as $500 in their commercial real estate investment trust (REIT), which builds wealth by investing in cash-flowing properties handpicked by a team of professionals.

They then renovate, manage and sell the so-called multifamily properties, and the profits are shared amongst the investors, that is, you and others.

As opposed to other REIT schemes, DiversifyFund eliminates all the middlemen to save you money. They handle all the logistics from purchasing to selling, meaning you’ll never have to pay management fees.

And they don’t even earn money before you do because you are both investors in the same assets, something that truly reflects their slogan that says “Invest with a partner, not a broker.”

Moreover, no real estate experience is required to start as they have professionals who will manage your investment, saving you time and money on costly mistakes.

Starting this August to September, the company is giving $20 visa cards to its first 100 investors.

The San Diego-based REIT was launched in 2016 by Craig Cecilio and Alan Lewis, who boast a combined four decades of experience in the real estate investment industry.

Source Link: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/338283

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