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McDonald’s Incorporates Artificial Intelligence Voice Technology in its Drive-throughs


With close to 68 million customers each day and 36000 outlets around the world, McDonald’s continues to look for innovative ways to meet its promise of a fast, consistent and efficient service.

To keep up this promise, McDonald’s has to stay ahead of the evolving market and customer needs. It has lean on revolutionary technology to achieve this goal. Its size and customer base imply that, in its quest to meet evolving customer service, the giant will not only work with technology titans but it has also decided to acquire a few for itself.

At the beginning of 2019, the fast-food giant made the biggest acquisition in the last 20 years. It bought Dynamic, a decision logic and personalization company, for about $300 million. the company intends to use its new acquisition and its latest technology to offer its customers an amazon-like experience at its drive-throughs.

In the next few days, McDonald’s is looking to roll out menus that show customers what is on offer based on time of day. This will include the day’s weather, restaurant traffic, and the day’s special.

This new purchase indicates that, although tradition meals and the beverage sector faces risks associated with disruptive businesses such as app-based delivery companies, there is a lot of room for new and innovative ideas that can be implemented to offer customers new experiences.

Six months down the line and McDonald’s is keeping up its precedents with the latest agreement to acquire Apprente, a voice ordering system start-up that speaks several accents and languages.

The fast-food giant makes most of its returns in its Drive-throughs in the U.S. The new technology is expected to help the company cut down ordering time, which will bring in more revenue.

Source Link: https://techhq.com/2019/09/mcdonalds-adds-ai-voice-technology-to-its-drive-thrus/

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