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Man United Set to Meet Twitter over Paul Pogba Who Received Racist Abuse on the Social Media Site


On Monday, Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba, received racist abuse on the social media site after his penalty kick was saved in United’s 1-1 draw at Wolverhampton Wanderers. Reports indicate that Manchester United agents are going to meet with Twitter to discuss the racist abuse Paul Pogba suffered. The Frenchman dribbled his way past Conor Coady only to be brought down by the Wolves skipper inside the box in the second half, and promptly asked for the ball to take the penalty.

Pogba took on the responsibility but his effort was well saved by Rui Patricio, resulting in criticism – notably from Gary Neville – about the decision not to let Rashford have it. According to The Sun, Pogba was hugely frustrated after the match and told his United teammates he was sorry in the Molineux dressing room afterwards. United’s players and the club itself have slammed the “disgusting” abuse of Pogba, and the incident came just days after Chelsea forward Tammy Abraham was also racially abused online after having his penalty kick saved in the Super Cup final against Liverpool.

Pogba has now missed four of his last nine penalties and has one of the worst spot-kick records in Premier League history of players to take at least 10. But it could be a while before he takes another one, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer making Rashford the first-choice penalty taker after the debacle on Monday night. Although he publically backed the pair, he was unhappy with how the situation played out and Pogba will now only be on penalty duties if Rashford is not on the pitch. The World Cup winner has been heavily linked with a move to Real Madrid over the summer, with the transfer window still open in Spain, though United have zero desire to let him leave.

A Twitter spokesman released the following, “Over the next few weeks, Twitter representatives will meet with Manchester United, Kick It Out and any other civil society stakeholders interested in hearing about the proactive work Twitter is doing to address online racist abuse towards certain footballers in the UK. We have always maintained an open and healthy dialogue with our partners in this space, but we know we need to do more to protect our users. Racist behavior has no place on our platform and we strongly condemn it.

“To this end, we look forward to working more closely with our partners to develop shared solutions together. In the meantime, for Twitter’s part, we will continue to proactively monitor the conversation, and take aggressive enforcement action when content violates our Rules.”

While supporting Pogba, Harry Maguire brought up an interesting idea that Twitter or Instagram users should have to register a passport or bank card to make them a little more accountable for what they say online.

Something has to change to stop this horrendous abuse from continuing.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/soccer/man-united-to-meet-twitter-over-racist-abuse-of-pogba/ar-AAG7pVp

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