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Ludwik the Hairless Guinea Pig Pet, Viral Eating a Cucumber

Ludwik Guinea Pig

Here is a new viral trend amongst pet owners of the Instagram & YouTube social media worlds. Cute sells and apparently when a Guinea Pig is bald, it is quite the adorable critter.  Show one of these smooth skinned, mini Hippo look-a-like rodents considered food of the Gods in Peru eating food itself, and millions tune in. That is what has happened in the case of Ludwik the Guinea Pig, a cucumber eating viral sensation.

“My life is a real ‘from zero to hero’ story. From abandon pet to instagram celebrity in less than a year.” reads the profile of Ludwik’s instagram profile.  A true testament to the popular pet’s success online.  He has over 246,000 followers  from the 1000 uploads made to the popular social media site.

The most popular post of Ludwik is his video eating a pickled cucumber (see here). The video has over 3.1-million views to date and close to 26K likes.  People from around the world have commented, appreciating the unique close up of the ‘exotic-ish’ animal.

Ludwik Guinea Pig

“Guinea pickle 😂😍😄” wrote user @sivecauwenberghs in response to the post.  There unique comment summed up the view of most replying to the post.

Various similar clips of the video, enjoying a cucumber diet,  were made for other pet friendly social media accounts as well. Sharing in on the viral trend, accounts like @RealFunnyAnimals also uploaded alternate views of the hairless Guinea or ‘Skinny Pig.’   There audience also appreciated the short, entertaining clip. Loads of animal lovers replied in the comments with instagram emojis symbolizing they had a laugh.

There are several new uploads on Ludwig’s profile since this popular clip went public.    For anyone that owns  Guinea pig it gets great insight into the diet of one of Peru’s most beloved and historical animals. The Inca raised them as a pet and food source for the family. Recently, it was even discovered the legendary ancient civilization dressed up the rodents in fancy yarn earrings and accessories, in a food sacrifice ritual (read about inca & guinea pigs here) .

Today, people of Peru still eat these tiny critters but the world is more in love with watching Skinny Pigs eat. The buck toothed piggies have warmed the homes of millions around the world with their socially charming personalities.

Watch a compilation of Ludwig Guinea Pig’s best video clips beneath. It is nearly 10 minutes of visuals that are sure to make anyone’s energy a little more positive. With only 293 views so far on Youtube, it is sure to grow into the hundreds of thousand within a fairly short time.

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