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Logan Ford – An inspirational Entrepreneur, Model, Travel Blogger

In this hard life, it is not very easy to bring up time for self-nourishment. People nowadays lead a fast life. They don’t have time to care for themselves. With a 9 to 5 job, it is pretty tough to maintain the daily chores. All the pressure of job and family care leads to one thing, a holiday or a break from the daily life for self-care. Nothing can be better than a holiday with friends or family or best a solo trip. The best method to self-care is traveling. Traveling helps to take a break from city life and enjoy people with different lifestyle, culture and hobbies. Money can be a factor for sudden getaway plans. However, with proper planning, it can be a low-budget trip.

It is a dream for people who can travel and do their job at the same time. Of course it is not possible to do any job that involves travel. But imagine a job which involves a lot of traveling to new places, to meet new people and experience their life as your own for a certain period of time. However, Logan Lucky Ford has found out the magic and knows it best.

Logan Lucky Ford

Logan ford is popular in Instagram as Logan Lucky Ford is a model, traveler and blogger who travels with his dog named baby, a Pomeranian breed. He has over 10,000 followers with weekly posts and is a rising star. Logan wakes up every morning and decides where to travel. Logan is an inspiration to everyone as he enjoys his life and does not drool over the past or dreams about his future. He is gradually growing as a model and travels more with success in his life. Logan ford has got his popularity from appearing in sets with Jason emer. Jason is a doctor mostly of celebrity clients. Logan does what he loves to do and is a perfect example of how to enjoy life.

Logan ford is from Alabama and resides in Los Angeles, California. His dog, baby the Pomeranian is his best friend and partner to travel. He never goes to a trip without his dog. He is a pet lover. Logan has been a part of various campaigns and awareness programs on stray dogs.  He is very concerned about his contribution in the society as a pet lover. He is not only a pet lover. He has been a part of various campaigns spreading awareness on recycling. Some of his biggest campaigns were the environment friendly leather-free dressing habits. Logan is very popular for spreading positive messages and is greatly loved by his followers. With his unique style and positivity of life, Logan Ford might have a very successful career as a model in future.

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