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Local Group Raises Alarm Over New 5th Generation Technology


A recent Safe Technology group STL is rejoicing what they consider as a victory after a court ruled in their favor. The same group will also host its first meeting whose venue will be the Webster Groves library on Lockwood Avenue, this coming Monday starting 6:30 pm.

Federal Appeals Courted ruled in favor of the group and overturned a Communications Commission directive that allowed wireless carrier providers to connect a new 5 G tower without an environmental or historical review.

The FCC’s decision, if allowed to stay, would have let wireless service provider erect tower almost everywhere without a thorough review, this is according to Environmental health Network as well as the safe technology STL.

Monday’s meeting will include a skype video presentation on health and will be presented by Raymond Francis, a scientist at Massachusetts institute of technology. He will talk about the repercussions of electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted by any 5 G installation as well as other relevant technologies.

5G technology is considered a revolutionary technology and is expected to involve the installation of antennas within buildings as well as on utility poles. However, installing lots of relays so close together and within close proximity to human bodies has raised a lot of concern.

About 200 researchers in Europe have suggested a freeze on this new technology until additional information is available on its effect on our health. In America, Congress and a few other senators have chastised the FDA and FCC for allowing 5G without thoroughly assessing its effect on human health, cybersecurity and privacy issues.

Proponents think that the effects of EMFs behave the same way our sun does. They also think that wireless technology can be associated with non-ionizing, low-level radiation, which is practically harmless. Others, like Sheilah Mitchell, who lost a child to testicular cancer, believe that EMFs can cause harm to our health.

It is clear that 5G is worrying many people, and more research is needed to understand its overall impact on the health of people who will be interacting with installations.

Source Link: https://www.timesnewspapers.com/southcountytimes/local-group-spreads-concerns-about-new-g-technology/article_680724da-cff9-11e9-8bc8-07bb7c6b7529.html

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