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Leverate to provide a platform for broker customer retention


Brokers and companies are going to receive have just received a big pre-Christmas present as a trading technology provider Leverate, launched their brand new service called Terrexa Pay, which includes mechanisms that will help every company to easily adopt cryptos in their day-to-day activities. Even though the company tried to make the platform available for everyone, they are more specific about helping e-commerce, Forex, and gaming industries.

There are many functions to talk about, but the businesses willing to take part in the platform are only looking at one of them, which is bitcoin and other crypto simplification. By this, every company involved will be able to attach their products to cryptocurrencies, therefore making them a lot more accessible through e-commerce and online shopping.

News about the release

According to freeforexrobots.com, the company has made their software very easily adaptable. Brokers will only have to apply a plugin or a widget application in order to sync the two system together and create a vibrant payment option. In the words of freeforexrobots.com, this will not only simplify the process of trading but also future updates and innovations for the technology, saving both the broker and the trader their valuable time and money.

Brokers have had tough times retaining customers on their platforms, as they usually get either outdone in terms of service or just fall on their swords for their lack of competency. Leverate was aware of this and saw a profit in client retention outsourcing or service providing. Thus Terrexa Pay was created, which is designed to streamline the customer experience and ultimately improve the retention. There are so many traders just begging for a safe environment they can trade their cryptos on and Leverate is here to fulfill it. However, they still need to get through the swamp of crypto skepticism that surrounds the industry.

This is not the first time we are seeing a brand called Terrexa actually, a few months ago earlier this year, Leverate also launched a blockchain company by the name of Terrexa, which was supposed to help its users exchange their cryptos for fiat currencies.

Processing the payments

The process is quite simple. The broker will provide Terrexa Pay with their public key, which in turn will enable Terexxa to process their customers. With this, sources of payments can be easily identified and traced, so as to ensure no unauthorized transaction was made from a client’s account. All of this is then processed and funneled to the broker directly to analyze and store.

Leverate has also come out with a formal statement. In their words, the industry is suffering from a lack of efficiency in payment methods and styles. Cross-border payments are one of the serious issues that Leverate wants to bring to a minimum, so as to help the industry stay on par with the globalized economy. If this doesn’t happen, it would be the customer that would suffer the most.

In conclusion, Terrexa Pay is a welcome addition to the fintech industry which just keeps on giving. There are amazing innovations coming out every single day and there are absolutely no signs of stopping it.

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