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LetConvert Discount & Lifetime Access: Black Friday Deal 2018


LetConvert lets you guide your users to take actions on your website more effectively. Social Proof & Real Time Testimonial Pop Ups work incredibly in establishing credibility, fear of missing out and relatedness which are the main ingredients of driving herd mentality.

LetConvert is a software which involves in GrowthHack Sales. The general price of LetConvert is about $955.5/ Monthly. But for this Black Friday 2018, PitchGround offers LetConvert in a lifetime deal for just $49. Hence it is a great offer for the Freelancers and Entrepreneurs and business people to utilise it.

Get Lifetime Access of LetConvert for just $49!


About LetConvert

Live Proof: Create trust among visitors by showing how many people are online.

Power Trails: Get Social Proof and show how many conversions took place on your website

Builds Social Trust: Visitors seeing other buying from your site increases their trusts, thus increasing conversions.

Resulting in Higher Conversions: LetConvert helps you in converting yout potential leads into buyers of your product.

Thus, LetConvert is your all in one social proof and user reviews app that helps you increase your leads and sales conversions.

Buy PitchGround LetConvert for $49!

PitchGround LetConvert

LetConvert mainly features in Drive your visitors into taking actions that matters, Recent Activity Alerts, Customer Cards, Mobile Optimized, Complete Advanced Customization, Recent Purchases, Give the real-time feels, Live Visitor Count, Customer Card & Journey, Notifications and Autoresponder Integrations.

If you stack 5 licenses, you can unlock the Agency license that comes with 100% reselling rights and 10 Sub Accounts white label sub accounts. Thus it is a great deal to utilise on this Black Friday.


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