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Learn How to Create an Effective Marketing Newsletter

Internet Marketing

Nowadays, newsletters are playing a prominent role as a resource in digital marketing strategies to reach potential customers. However, not all of them are made in the same way. It’s essential that a newsletter is effective enough not to end up in the spam folder.

According to marketing professionals, an effective and quality marketing newsletter must contain certain key elements. We detail them below:

1. Personalization and relevance

According to a Direct Marketing Association study, 58% of all revenue comes from segmented and targeted emails. Renee Spurlin, senior vice president of digital marketing and analysis at public relations agency ARPR, said:

“The more personalized the emails are, the better their performance will be. The microsegments of buyers with similar interests and buying behaviors, accompanied by dynamic content insertions based on an individual’s previous actions, ensure that the content is customized for each recipient. ”

On the other hand, Jen Capstraw, director of strategic insights at customer engagement firm Iterable, believes that in a niche industry it’s easier to meet the expectations of your subscribers with only one version of your newsletter. But if the subscriber base has more diversity in terms of needs and expectations, more effort from the marketing team is required.

Regarding the relevant content, there are some key points that a newsletter should contain. When developing a newsletter for a law firm, Tim Absalikov, co-founder and marketing director of digital marketing agency Lasting Trend, considered the following elements as relevant content:

  • Frequent questions. Educational resources are very helpful for readers; also, makes you save time.
  • Case studies. The public wants to know real success stories that serve as testimony or evidence of the company’s experience.
  • Changes in the law. Customers need to be aware of the latest updates. The simpler the explanation, the better.
  • Infographics. This is a fundamental element to differentiate yourself from other companies. Besides, a well-designed infographic becomes an element of easy dissemination.

    Lighthearted humor. By using this resource, you will achieve a more personal and less formal connection with the readers.

2. Tap User Generated Content

An interesting tactic to achieve interaction with your audience is creating a section with reader comments. Meredith Newell, copy director for the CX company Hero Digital, suggests using that section to encourage recipients to follow specific conversations on your social media channels. “Then, choose comments from these channels for the next newsletter. By doing so, you will also increase your social media presence”.

3. Measure Your Success

It’s very important to monitor the effectiveness of your newsletter, in order to determine if some changes are necessary.

For Dan Grech, founder of BizHack Academy, there must be a connection between the call to action in email and the revenue. If the connection doesn’t exist, you should consider whether it is necessary to send that newsletter. He also added: “Isn’t your best measure of value the product that sells? Email must be compatible with the idea of generating conversions; the rest is a waste of time.”

In this order of ideas, Meredith Newell of Digital Hero recommends paying attention to email metrics (open rate, click-through rate, etc.), and put special focus to subscribe/unsubscribe rates. Ideally, subscriptions should be higher than unsubscribes; otherwise, the content and the way it is presented to readers must be reevaluated.

Another idea raised by Newell is tracking interactive social engagement by assigning hashtags to conversations. Through cross-promotion and engagement monitoring, you can see if you’re getting new followers on social networks or newsletter subscribers.

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