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LaMero Ball Strength Is So Impressive-He Is Likely To Be Among the Top Five In the 2020 NBA Lottery Draft


LaMelo Ball is expected to be the 2020 first-round pick in NBA draft. Though, he has fewer showcases to show off compared to his peers who have spent two seasons competing with each other in grassroots organized leagues. Ball has been playing in Lithuania and his father’s JBA league. Last season he played with Ohio Spire Academy.

Now Ball is in Australia where he will play for Atlanta Hawks this season. NBA scouts will now have time to observe his performance in a professional team. While in Spire, LaMelo clearly showed that he is an outstanding point guard and not a star.

Ball height of 6’6 ft. will allow him to have passing abilities that many point guard can’t manage. Like his elder brother Lonzo Ball, LaMelo is suitable to pass first and score second. He is also good at keeping his eye up the court and always knows where his teammates are positioned. He is able to throw passes with either hand; in short, he exhibits a diversity of talents which make him a standout.

Ball shot 33.3 percent from three-point range and 66.8 percent from the foul line while in Spire according to Prep Circuit. Australia proves to be an excellent experimental field for Ball this season.

All we know is that Ball has a high chance of getting into the lottery. But the real question is how high he can climb?
A lot is going on for now, but LaMero Ball strength is impressive to be considered among the top five contestants of the 2020 NBA Lottery Draft.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/why-lamelo-ball-could-be-a-top-5-nba-draft-prospect-in-2020/ar-AAGskzJ

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