Labor Lawsuits Against Imperial Pacific Rain Down

Lately Imperial Pacific International (IPI) of Saipan has been sued by multiple companies and individuals, accused of violating labor law and failing to pay its debts. The fact is that the casino operator has said that it no longer has the funds to honor their debts. Although it has millions in unpaid debts from Chinese VIP players almost impossible to collect.

Previously, IPI entered into alliances with other companies, but they soon discovered that the commercial relationship with the operator could be challenging. One of them was Pacific Rim Land Development, a construction contractor whom IPI stopped paying.

Another company that is discovering it so far is Fritz Pacific Project Development Services. The staffing firm filed a lawsuit against the casino operator demanding payment of a debt of $ 750,000, which also includes damages.

Alfredo Cabael, owner of Fritz Pacific, has accused IPI of breach of the labor contract they have had since 2018. The company’s complaint states that it provided the operator with construction workers, including crane operators, bricklayers, electricians and carpenters.

Cabael claims that IPI approved all the work invoices but only paid part of the debt, before creating AM Group, their own labor company, in november 2019. Although he has wanted to collect the debt with IPI directly until now it has been unsuccessful.

It was then that he decided to sue IPI for $ 745,303.94 to cover the payment of the debt for the personnel services invoices, plus interest and other associated costs. But this case of unpaid debts is yet another that adds to the pile of similar lawsuits against the company, which must be decided by the judge of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Ramona V Manglona.

IPI’s lawyer also decided to withdraw from the defense, probably because he did not see good prospects related to the payment of his services. Without money and with its reputation on the ground, it will be very difficult to find someone who will risk defending it in court.

IPI was sued by the US Department of Labor for constant violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. And company attorney Michael Dotts says he no longer wants to have an employment relationship with IPI.

“I have suspended working for the IPI. I remain an official lawyer for IPI in several cases and must remain as an official lawyer until the court allows me to retire,” he wrote in a statement published in Marianas Variety.


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