Kwt Today Gains Viewership for Latest News from Kuwait on Digital and Social Media Channels

In the ongoing deluge of news and information, a new platform, Kwt Today, is trying to bring better information through its unique approach of telling relevant and up to date stories. Kwt Today brings the latest events and activities from Kuwait and globally on its digital, social media and video platforms to keep everyone informed.

Launched in 2014, Kwt Today is growing fast by using a multi-platform model for news and views, as well as trending topics from Kuwait and around the world. The news blog also caters to readers interested in lifestyle, facts and humor. For businesses, it features a dedicated section on classified and a business directory.

Through our unique storytelling and visualization, Kwt Today delivers highly engaging content of apex quality, be it through the Digital spectrum, Social Media or Video Platform. Our priority has always been and will always be our followers,” said founder of Kwt Today, Clinton Misquitta.

Among the most recent coverage, visitors can read about health related news on antibiotics, the story behind the rebranding of Kuwait exchange, the security situation in Kuwait and the latest e-payment system following in the wake of travel ban.

Kwt Today can be followed on its Facebook and Instagram page to receive the most recent news and information, and runs its YouTube channel for a more immersive look at news and events.

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