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Keysight Technologies and Kandou Bus Cooperate to Improve Chord Signalling Technology for High-Speed Digital Applications


Keysight technologies solution employ designs meant to support big data that is associated with technologies like 5th generation, IoT, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles.

Keysight technologies are known for their efforts to help enterprises, governments and service providers accelerated their innovations in order to secure and connect the world. They have announced that they will work with another player, Kandou Bus, to implement a high-speed signaling system with the help of Keysight’s solutions that include Chord receiver and signaling designs.

Currently, most data centers are dealing with surges in storage, computing, and even performance demands. The surge is due to applications demanding applications the run on 5th generation like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, internet of things as well as the development of autonomous vehicles.

As a result, almost all global data centers have decided to shift from 100 GE speeds to 400 GE and even more. This requires users to work with the most recent modulation techniques like four-level pulse or chord signaling. Chord signaling is applied differential signaling in a generalized to achieve multi-wire signaling.

Keysight are using their knowledge to help steer forward chord signaling for high-speed applications, which will help to unlock new functionalities. Their transmitter are expected to leverage multi-channel N1000A DCA-X wide-bandwidth oscilloscope systems and their most recent one N1010100A FlexDCA R&D software to analyze and decode chord-signaling utilities like CNRZ-5.

Kandou, on the other hand, are an interface technology entity whose specialty is design, implementation and licensing of multi-wire solutions. They also offer many innovative multi-wire signaling solutions. Their Kandou Chord technology is designed to help reduce energy consumption. It also helps to improve the performance and speed of integrated semiconductors found in mobile phones, satellites, and servers.

Source Link: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/keysight-technologies-kandou-bus-collaborate-150000302.html

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