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Kevin Durant Expose Why He Wants Nothing To Do With Oklahoma City


Kevin Durant thought that Oklahoma City will always be like home after spending his first eight careers in Thunder. But that came to change when he signed with Golden State Warriors. The two times NBA Finals MVP said the way he was treated, made him quickly change his mind.

Speaking with J.R. Moehringer of Wall Street Journal, KD said that his perception about the Thunder and the fans, changed when they went crazy about his decision of leaving in the free agency. He added that people came to his house and sprayed paint on the sale signs around his then neighborhood. They also took videos in front of his house, burned his jersey and insulted him with all kinds of nasty names.

Durants stated that it was not just fan problems, Thunder organization acted fake to him. KD told Moehringer that he had not maintained any positive relationship with Thunder since his departure.

Durant expressed his bitterness with the city, saying that he will never want to be attached to the town or be part of that community again. He accepted that he doesn’t trust anybody in that city.

Similarly, fans acted weird when LeBron James left Cleveland the first time. But he still went back to Cavalier and delivered the city’s first NBA title. Durant, however, shows no interest in doing the same to OKC.

Though Durant was exposed to all nasty thing in OKC, his sentimental view might partly be associated with his mother. She once spoke about the ugly treatment from Thunder fans, and KD is very close to her.

Kevin Durant has a temperament of holding grudges and doesn’t easily let things go. Don’t go disrespecting a guy like KD. That’s the reason he wants nothing to do with OKC.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/kevin-durant-rips-thunder-and-their-fans-ill-never-be-attached-to-that-city-again/ar-AAH5Hcy

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