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Kawhi Leonard Together With Clippers Are Doing One Incredible Thing-Helping the Needy Students In California


An astonishing thing happened during free agency movement period, Kawhi Leonard signed with the Clippers. It was unimaginable for a player of his caliber to sign with Clippers. He chooses it himself, and change the narrative about the NBA power structure by joining one of the unfortunate franchise in sports history.

But now, Leonard together with the Clippers are doing one incredible thing, giving back to the community. Recently, he visited a former school in Southern California where he donated a million backpack to needy students. He promised to help both in the court and out of the basketball court.

Leonard and Clippers have decided to supply backpacks to all students in Inglewood, Sothern California and Moreno Valley districts. This is aimed at easing parent burden as they struggle to provide for the family and also to ensure no student is stigmatized.

Leonard said that he wants to inspire kids to keep moving on despite the obstacles. And he started giving back in his old school because that where his story began. He also talked about helping high school student get into college, funding entrance exams and even opening a community center for kids.

When he was asked about what he desires outside the basketball yard, he responded by saying that it is to give back to the community. When he was asked about what he would want people to remember him for, Leonard answered that he wants people to remember him as a person who gives back to the community.

This initiative by Leonard is part of Clipper’s effort to elevate the community. The franchise has donated millions to repair basketball courts, help poor students with vision exams and also supplied classrooms to the neediest schools.

So, when Leonard announced that he was joining Clippers, many of us wondered what that meant to the league. But we are now discovering what that meant.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/lz-granderson-kawhi-leonards-biggest-impact-wont-be-on-the-basketball-court/ar-AAG71uc

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