There is a mission to increase productivity by the owner at Basic Strategy, Karolina Pel. While speaking on the importance of deciding on what we eat, Pelc said that people miss out on a subject of nutrition; they only sort of focus around methodologies and tools when they talk about productivity in general. She also said that people do not have the strength, the energy to be productive, even if they know how to, without eating the right stuff. Pelc confirmed that she has been doing much research about nutrition because she faces a couple of different autoimmune diseases, and nutrition is vital for managing and avoiding getting the body inflamed.

Pelc further said that for her, all of the things that she was talking about is because she had been on a journey of sort of, optimizing her nutrition relationship with sleep and productivity. She is still not there yet with sleep. She also is quite jealous of people that managed to do eight hours. She added that it’s seven hours of sleep at night plus a one-hour nap that is a recommended way of sleeping in the Mediterranean nationalities. Pelc said she lacks an idea of how people can facilitate a one-hour nap sort of working full time or even being a consultant.

While commenting on advocates for some medium of meditation, Pelc indicated that she thinks it is incredible to let go at times, particularly if a person is running a hectic life, and always having all pings from Whatsapp, content meetings where you have to be productive, Skype, email, people coming over to you, a person has to be creative. She noted that it could really be a couple of deep breaths, it could be that green tea that you’re going to take at 3 p.m, to take a moment of mindfulness, which she used to get away from the office, sit on her own and talk to non-work-related people, which in Malta was quite severe.

Pelc provided each person a quick walkthrough of the methodologies she follows and the tools she likes to use. She added that she follows Betting Things Done, slightly improved version with some tips from the Productivity Ninja. It is all about just finding the priorities that a person needs to focus on, because she thinks we used to live in the era of time management, task management, and all these authors claim that this is inefficient. Pelc concluded that there is no such thing as time management because they never have enough time anymore. People live in constant information overload, and it is a very different story than what it was 10 years ago. Therefore, it is essential just to manage your attention, manage your focus times rather than managing tasks.


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