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Juventus Eyeing Nemanja Matic Man United’s Midfielder


Nemanja Matic Chelsea’s former striker now playing for Man United is among the highly sought after players by Juventus, according to latest reports.

Matic moved from the Blues in 2017 and it is believed that Manchester United as a club has spent over £40 million on Matic. Well, that is huge spending on a single player and it is obvious that Juventus will have to be ready with some good cash if they really want him to cross over to their side.

Matic’s game level is what makes him a hot cake, so far he has played 89 games and shone on many occasions, assisting three and scoring three goals. Besides that the 31-year-old has been on the forefront to keep United afloat this season.

The only time he has sat on the bench is this season, specifically on the first three Premier League campaign. At some point, he was also substituted after lasting for 22 minutes during United’s clash with Southampton.

It seems as if the bench story was not as impressive to Matic. The Sun quoted the player’s response and from the message, it is easy to read Nemanja’s state of mind at the time of writing. “For one to play they have to accept to sit on the bench, and that I have done many times. Not to mention that in all my career I have played almost all games,” – Matic.

For now, we can only wait and see the extends Juventus is willing to go to have the player in their list. Also, it is not clear whether the current events that have seen Nemanja Matic wait on the bench will dent his scorecard.

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