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John Thimothy’s ‘The Notion’ in official selection at the 41st BigMuddy film festival

John Thimothy

Independent filmmaker and the founder and CEO of Regina International film festival John Thimothy’s personal film explores complex issues such as sexuality and stigma set to premiere at the 41st BigMuddy Film Festival. 

Today’s world is all about targeting stigmas and taboos. In today’s day an age being in a global village, a lot of such issues are discussed pretty openly. One of the platforms where such stigmas are discussed is film festivals. Films evoke emotions in a way that the stigma is visually experienced by viewers which makes them understand these more.

John Thimothy

This recent short film by John Thimothy called ‘The Notion’ Featuring Critically acclaimed South Indian actress Kani Kusruti highlights the issue of same-sex relationships.  The story goes on with telling about a well-known activists and former NSG Commander and Mumbai Terror Attack survivor who has recently committed suicide. The reason is unknown. His wife is a well-renowned writer’s whose book has been one of the best sellers amongst Indian authors. Due to the man’s accident, most of his time is spent with his wife due to which the police also suspect that his wife has something to do with his death.

The late activist wife is now mentally disturbed due to which she is admitted to a mental health institution. Later in that movie, the real cause behind her husband’s death is revealed. The cause behind his death was that he caught his wife being involved with the same-sex partner due to which he shoots himself.

By this, we can see that even an activist who’s basic purpose is to break stigmas get so affected by a stigma when it happens in his personal life. People often portray themselves as open-minded and very understanding but when it comes to things which directly affect them, they tend to change that frame of thought in an instant. Such stigmas are often shunned by the media especially in some countries. Due to this reason, people suffer from so much mental damage and huge losses in their lives.

This movie depicts all of this in just a matter of 13 minutes. It clearly shows all the aspects of our society. The hypocrisy behind faces who actually earn so much respect and fame just due to the empowerment they promote are actually people who do not truly believe in such stuff. No matter how many people speak up about this, there never true acceptance in their hearts. Because of this reason no matter how aware society gets, there is never true acceptance.

This movie actually identifies the intensity of this situation and stigma. It shows how serious this is and how hypocritical people are about this. It shows that as long as people do not accept such taboos in their own lives, these issues will never go away. This movie is the depiction of where our society lacks and how badly it can affect people’s lives. Be it mentally, or physically, people suffer. These effects then last for a lifetime and keep on damaging the person’s reputation and standing. This will only end once people face it and make peace with it.

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