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Japan Introduced a New Anti-Groping Hand Stamp

A Japanese company has introduced a new technology which uses a portable UV stamp that victims of harassment can use it to leave an identifying mark on anyone who tries to attack them.

Shachihata, a maker of pre-inked rubber stamps and stamp pads mentioned that “This is a stamp intended to deter nuisance,”.

This company hasn’t mention groping specifically but nowadays unwanted touches from chikan (gropers) are a huge problem for women on rush-hour trains in japan.

Around two decades ago, Japan introduced female-only cars and they also installed many cameras in some lines as a deterrent. Currently, Japan has introduced a new app which is called DigiPolice that allows victims to broadcast a loud “Stop it!” or pull up a full-screen SOS message they can show to other passengers.

Shachihata’s new “anti-nuisance stamp” technology marks a 9-millimeter image of an open hand that uses special ink that will be visible only under fluorescent light.

The stamp is available in a little yellow case (signaling warning, the maker says) and has a reel cord so users can attach it to a bag or pocket. This product costs around ¥2,700 (about $25, £21, AU $38), but a limited run sold out within the first hour.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department report in 2017, around 1750 cases recorded for groping in which 30 percent of these records occurred during peak rush hour times of 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.

Due to the prevalent of groping in japan, the potential for misusage of this product is possible. Anyone with this product can stamp other persons for revenge or tag someone who’s simply being annoying by talking on the phone too loudly.

This company spokesman Hirofumi Mukai told the Japan Times that this product’s ink can be washed off and the purpose of this product is that it should be only used as a deterrent.

Source Link: https://www.cnet.com/news/anti-groping-hand-stamp-sells-out-within-first-hour-of-sale-in-japan/

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