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It Is Important For All Entrepreneurs To Use LinkedIn


We are living in the fourth industrial evolution, a time during which technology is becoming more and more popular. It is important for all entrepreneurs, whether up and coming or established to be registered on online platform LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest online networking platform with more than 578 million members. Members use the platform in order to keep in contact with business associates, clients and co-workers. It can also be used as a means to boost your profile, build awareness of your brand and to help you recruit the right people if you have to.

The following are tips to effectively use LinkedIn.

1. Upload a nice profile picture. Ideally, this should be one which is taken by a professional photographer and you should be looking smart and smiling.

2. You should mention your industry profession and your location in your headline.

3. Include your current profession and describe what your work entails. Be specific and do not just say for example that you are a “great communicator”. Instead, give details of a time during which you communicated effectively to solve a problem or achieve something.
Connect and contact people from your industry

LinkedIn enables you to connect and contact people from your industry. Do not feel intimidated by adding people that you do not know. Many will reject your invitation to connect for reasons beyond your control but some will accept. Engaging with these people could open the door to new partnerships and associations.

LinkedIn saves the connections that you make to a list called My Network. When you make a new connection, you not only gain access to a person’s profile but to their publically available connections as well.

You can also introduce two LinkedIn connections that you have to each other and could benefit from doing so.

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