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iPhone SE Could Make a Return as Apple Plans for an Affordable Phone to Compete with Samsung and Huawei


Besides the long-awaited Apple launch that is scheduled for next Tuesday where the tech giant will unwrap the new iPhone 12 and a few other products, fresh rumors have it that plans are underway to bring back iPhone SE.

The company had stopped the production of the 4-inch a few months after the release in 2016 when the management resolved to go bigger and expensive. Unfortunately, this move opened a window of opportunity for other brands such as Samsun and Huawei which offered cheaper alternatives.

Now, with intentions of widening its sales net, trying to impress low budget customers, Apple is considering to re-launch the SE. Reliable sources highlight that iPhone will spring back with new features.

In regard to size and shape, speculations are that the new model would most likely take the design and appearance of the 2017 4.7-inch iPhone 8.

A Macworld reporter also hints that from the information he received, the new SE series, which should probably be ready for release come mid-2020, would have similar components with the currently trending flagship iPhones.

One area Apple intents to show its innovative capacity with this would be seen is on the screen technology employed, which will be liquid crystal display and an in-display security sensor for fingerprint identification, which for your info rumors say the company is working on.

Besides that, other reports are that Apple has other surprises for 2020. Ming-Chi Ku a trusted tech influencer has shared that the company already has three iPhones lined up for next year apart from SE, but hasn’t given the full details of their specs except that they will come with super improved OLED and LCD displays.

Source Link: https://www.macworld.com/article/3435905/fresh-rumors-raise-the-possibility-of-the-iphone-se-making-a-return.html

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