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iPhone 11 Pro Has Everything Mobile Filmmakers Have Always Wished


Back in 2015 when Tangerine hit the cinemas, the world was amazed that it only took Sean Bake an iPhone 5s and some mad tactics to create his masterpiece.

This year Steven Soderbergh followed suit in producing Unsane. Now, Apple being Apple decided to create the best tool for mobile filmmakers, which is the iPhone 11 Pro.

Pro has a three system camera; telephoto, wide and ultra-wide making it a cinema-grade camera. It has awesome still image capability that can grab a single image simultaneously with all the three cameras. The image can then be zoomed out revealing up to four times its size in the ultra-wide mode.

If you think that’s impressive then you haven’t heard of its pre-imaging proficiency. The still camera is created to pre-image 9 still shots and immediately you select your desired image, the computational machine learning analyzes all the 10 images. The micro mode for personal portraits and the night mode are highly impressive as well.

For filmmakers, FiLMiC Pro has been updated to give room to new game-changing features such as the video switcher. Pro also features a director’s viewfinder which allows zooming into the SuperWide camera focal lengths.

Another awesome feature of the iPhone 11 Pro is the picture in picture option which will help reduce the set time that normal shootings usually take. This is through enabling filmmakers to switch between two ongoing shoots.

It is not enough to just mention the features and leave out the quality of the shootings, is it? The introductory video of the Pro shows that the video quality is out of this world and the fact that shooters can experience pro-level editing makes it even better.

Source Link: https://nofilmschool.com/iphone11pro-mobile-filmmakers-get-cinema-camera


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