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iOS Users Urged to Update iPhone OS to Fix a Dangerous Security Loophole


No matter how much technologically progressive we can become, perfection will always be an illusionary thing to achieve. That can be aptly applied to the celebrated iPhone, one of the world’s most elite and prestigious mobile phone. And so, Apple has recently urged its iPhone users to immediately update their phones in order to stay secure against a potentially disastrous and strange security bug that has affected its flagship iPhones. With that being said, Apple has also released an update to iOS, update version 12.4.1, which will fix this new-found security loophole.

According to the official release notes accompanying the OS update, Apple has stated that the malicious activity can be able to execute uninformed codes with system privileges, putting the sanctity of the device and crucial user privacy at risk. The update 12.4.1 is capable to successfully eliminate the chances of any malicious app exploiting this security bug in the iOS. However, a brief historical reading about this security loophole in iOS may well leave the reader, and or an iOS user, quite baffled.

Apple has originally rolled out the fix for this security issue back in May, and the problem was reportedly fixed back then as well. With the June update to iOS, this returning fix update was also removed from the iOS update database and devices, only to re-appear in August again and Apple has to roll out the discarded security patch back to its iOS users. This is something that might be more concerning to “techie” iOS users and reviewers. The security loophole, apart from the malicious behavior spoken of above, can also be used to jailbreak iPhones, a traditionally grave threat to Apple’s seal of the device’s originality. Jailbreaking, in the term of Apple, is a malicious tactic which breaks the restrictions and regulations imposed by Apple upon apps and their usage on an iPhone.

So, for those of you who are going to update to iOS 12.4.1, don’t expect any new features or enhancements; the update is rolled out specifically to address the security issue in iPhones. However, disregard all your concerns about enhancement and upgrade to the latest iOS version since it is quite integral for the sanctity of the device and the security of your data. Apple, on their part, has not yet opined whether the bug has been entirely fixed and out of their ecosystem of devices, so it altogether makes more sense to upgrade the iPhone to the latest security update.

The security lapse was first identified as an independent security researcher at GitHub, known as Pwn20wnd, to whom Apple has forwarded their thanks in the official notes of the new update. Apart from iPhones, Apple has also rolled out small update patches to Apple’s watchOS 5.3.1, tvOS 12.4.1 and macOS 10.14.6. For iPhone users, it’s pretty easy to update your iOS: go to “Settings,” click “general” and select ‘software update’ option.

Source Link: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/ios-update-download-12-problems-4-issues-iphone-new-features-a9080546.html


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