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iOS 13 May Usher in the Long-rumored AR Tech, Based on a New ‘Code’


Since Apple’s announcement at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, we have all been waiting for September and here we are with only five days to go.

If you thought the iOS 13 release will be all about the dark mode, portrait lighting control, and powerful video editing, just so you may know, there is more.

According to Mac Rumors, the iOS 13 build has inbuilt support for an Augmented Reality headset. This comes after reports claimed that Apple had suspended the project altogether. Mac Rumors claims to have seen the documentation of the iOS internal build hence confirming the AR add-on.

The internal build is said to include a STARTester app that can be switched in and out of the head-mounted mode. However, currently, it would be efficient for testing purposes as it replicates the headset’s function on an iPhone.

It also includes the StarBoard system shell which is probably the parallel of the iOS springboard. This system is purposed for the AR-enabled apps as well as the code references, views, scenes and special modes.

Back in 2018, it was believed that Apple’s AR technology would be a stand-alone gadget. Many reports suggested something close to a stand-alone AR or VR device. The headset was also said to have approximately 8k display for each eye.

However, recent rumors suggest that instead of a stand-alone device, the technology could be in-built on an iPhone which could be the case if the Mac Rumors report is something to go by. The headset is scheduled to be released by 2020.

If Apple releases this product, it’ll surely overtake the current VR technology as it will do away with the screen door effect. Another plus is that the device comes with eliminating motion sickness for travelers. Now, how about that?

Source Link: https://www.engadget.com/2019/09/02/ios-13-code-hints-at-apple-ar-headset/

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