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iOS 13 Code Shows How Apple’s Location-tracking Tag Should Work


Maybe you can use AR to find lost items

New info about an upcoming Tile-like item tracker from Apple have been revealed in the code of iOS 13. Since last June when the Find My app was first announced at WWDC, there have been rumors about this feature being incorporated into iOS 13. Now, we have a better idea of how Apple’s tracking system might look, according to MacRumors.

An inspection of the iOS 13 code showed an image of “a small circular tag with an Apple logo in the center.” Also, in the Find My app, there is a new “Items” tab, probably for tracking things with the tags.

MacRumors says the iPhone will notify you if you are separated from your tagged item. Then you can use the app to make the tag produce a sound. This is similar to how Tile and other third-party item trackers work currently. A more uncommon feature for Apple’s implementation, however, is the use of augmented reality to find your lost item after scanning the place with your iPhone.

The first reports for the rumored tag were by 9to5Mac back in June when it was observed in the first beta of iOS 13. Based on the new leaks, however, it seems even more probable that Apple will offer its own item tracking system along with its new software.

Want to try it? It is very likely Apple will disclose more during its September 10th event when it will introduce the latest iPhone and Apple Watch models. So, hold on, and in the meantime, try not to lose your stuff.

Source Link: https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/30/20841204/ios13-code-apple-tile-location-tracking-tag-find-my-app

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