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Intellifluence – Why should I care about Influencer Marketing?


Consumers value the opinion of a product or service from individuals who are their peers or someone they can relate to as opposed to traditional marketing. Many people are turning off ads on their devices and social media platforms and this results in the traditional advertising costing a company or brand large sums of their advertising money but not yielding results in terms of sales. In this day and age many consumers are turning to peer recommendations when it comes to purchasing a service and who are the people that are giving these recommendations you ask, it’s simple they are influencers.

Influencers who post reviews on a certain product or service are seen by their influencers unlike ads that are starting to go unseen as many individuals are disabling ads when it comes to their social media as many people will not find the ad relevant to what they are looking for. By utilizing influencer marketing brands can target an influencer of a specific niche, such as makeup and the influencer’s following will fall into that niche of makeup and be interested in the product review or service that the influencer creates. This ensures that brands can hit their target market and individuals who do not fall into the niche of makeup do not see a useless recommendation of something that they may not be interested in.

Influencers of a specific niche have followers who generally fall under the same niche and would be interested in buy the product you are selling. This is beneficial to you because if a follower of the original influencer creates a review of the product then their following will see the post the create and now even more people are seeing the product or service that you wish to advertise. Traditional advertising can also be very costly and although you are paying for ads it doesn’t mean that the ads or actually being viewed so essentially you are just spending a large portion of your marketing budget without any results. While ad blocking technology can prevent brands from promoting their product it cannot block posts that influencers create on their own social media. When paying an influencer for a review you are paying for what you want and if they do not deliver you can end the collaboration with them and work with someone new and not be out any money. Meanwhile with traditional advertising you will be out the cost of the ad whether it s seen or not and sometimes it is not quite up to par for the brands.


Traditional advertising started off as radio ads and then branched out to billboard, television, newspapers, etc but when trying to promote a product by utilizing traditional adverting you will soon run out of platforms on which you can post your product. Influencer marketing utilizes social media and as many companies and individuals have seen throughout the years new social media is constantly hitting the market and the usage of older social media platforms changes. Social media used to be MySpace and Twitter and then it evolved into Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, etc and now there are all the former mentioned social media platforms but also SnapChat, SoundCloud, Tik Tok and many more will be hitting the market in the future. More and more platforms are emerging and this means that as a brand you will never run out of platforms to post to and will not hit a plateau or using up all your advertising resources.

Different generations utilize different social media platforms as well. The older generation is more familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc and are not as advanced in the use of social media channels like SnapChat or Tik Tok and this will remain true for when even more platforms emerge on the market. Therefore depending on the age demographic you are wishing to target to sell your brand too you utilize that specific platform as it will gain more hits than say a Billboard ad, Additionally you cannot measure your return on Investment (ROI) that happened due to individuals viewing a billboard or hearing a radio advertisement but you can measure the ROI due to the influencer post and compare what type of advertising is best suited for you based on which one yields the largest profit and is more successful.

Posts on social media can live on an influencer’s account for a long period of time where as traditional advertising may appear in one segments or issue and in order to maintain the promotional space for traditional advertising you need to keep spending money. However, once you compensation an influencer once then you do not need to compensate them again for the original product. If you wish to have them promote another product or service for your brand then you will need to compensate the influencer for the second post; The cost for influencer marketing is still more affordable than traditional advertising as you can offer a price to the influencer or both parties can negotiate and agree of a price for the post you wish them to create.

There are many reasons why you should care about influencer and why it may be a great fit for you company. You can measure the ROI that you receive from the influencer’s post and evaluate how well influencer marketing is working for your company. Additional influencer marketing is more affordable and the posts that influencers create will not be blocked by ad blocking technology like traditional ads are today. You can also target the specific niche that your product falls under and not only will the influencer fall within the niche you are looking for but so will their following. Their following can later be utilized as more influencer and you can reach a broader audience and you will have essentially a limitless supply of influencers that can create a peer review of your product. Lastly posts that influencers create can be active for long periods of time and you only pay them once. Also with new social media marketing consistently emerging you will have new influencer you can contact who are experts in the new platforms as well as retain influencers who are advanced in the older platforms and that is why you should care about influencer marketing.

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