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Intel & Toshiba Joined Hands to Produce Penta-Level-Cell SSDs


On Wednesday, the American tech giant Intel has announced its new partnership with another tech giant Toshiba from Japan to produce the all-new PLC SSDs. These new solid-state Drives will be based on Penta-Level-Cell NAND technology by Intel, and it has the capability to store 5 bits of data in each individual NAND cell. SSDs are all about storage and how much data can be saved within a single cell, and that is what counts when buyers go for an SSD. However, the most widely used – and the fastest – storage technology is SLC, or Single-Layer-Cell, drives.

But the problem with SLC drives is that they are the most expensive piece of storage hardware that is available right now. For example, a 1TB SLC SSD may cost somewhere between $5000 to $10000 per drive – too expensive to be used by the public. With PLC-based SSD’s, Intel is aiming to provide the public with much cheaper SSD storage option. But there is another important factor attached to this affordability factor: PLC SSD’s are very slow in write speed and data processing. But does this low-cost factor compensate with the speed? It does, especially when you must pay a hefty sum of around $5K to $8K for just a storage device.

Keeping this factor in mind, Intel and Toshiba are now aiming to make Solid State Drives a mainstream public product, and not just for those big enterprises with millions of funds in their pockets. While Intel and Toshiba have yet to offer a date of launching for the new PLC-based SSD’s, the buyers should probably be ready to sacrifice the amazing speeds which SLC-based storage drives used to provide, in favor of cheap costs at the end.

Source Link: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/09/new-intel-toshiba-ssd-technologies-squeeze-more-bits-into-each-cell/


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