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Intel is Bringing Facial Recognition to Tokyo 2020


Ricardo Echevarria, the general manager of Intel’s Olympics program announced that Intel is working with NEC to provide “a large-scale face recognition system for the Olympics,”.

He also mentioned that this system is planned to let Olympics organizers “ensure smoothly secure verification for the over 300,000 people at the games who are accredited. People using it will register with photos from government-issued IDs”.

Facial recognition technology has grown by leaps and bounds with the neural networks which are the sophisticated pattern-matching abilities of modern artificial intelligence technology. But many are alarmed about prevalent computer supervision that leads cities like Massachusetts, San Francisco, Somerville, and Oakland, California, to bar police from using the technology.

Intel company didn’t comment on the privacy or data protection aspects of this technology, and NEC mentioned that’s the purview of the Tokyo Olympics organizers.

Echevarria also mentioned that NEC is going to deploy hundreds of facial recognition systems around the Olympics facilities, in order to speed up ID checks for accredited people. This is the first time that the Olympics have used facial recognition technology.

Intel and NEC mentioned that “It won’t be a wholesale replacement for the old ways: Accredited personnel at the Olympics will still have to wear traditional ID lanyards.

NEC also mentioned that “But the facial recognition system will be required: if someone loses their lanyard or tries to get access to one that’s stolen, the facial recognition system will block them. Facial recognition improves security and efficiency by being able to confirm a picture ID against the face of the person seeking to enter a facility with greater speed and accuracy than human staff,”.

Source Link: https://www.cnet.com/news/2020-olympics-in-tokyo-will-use-facial-recognition-technology/ 

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