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Injuries Seem To Be Bullying DeMarcus Cousins-His Talent Is Being Outrun To Extinction By Recurring Injuries


DeMarcus Cousins has so far suffered three injuries at separate parts of his legs. The future in NBA for the four-time All-Star is continually deteriorating as these injuries are taking a considerable time to heal. Franchises are now only accepting to sign him to a short term contract.

DeMarcus signed one year contract with Los Angeles Lakers in July and now the torn ACL. The injury could sideline him for the whole of 2019-20 season and thus putting Lakers dream of an emerging power in the NBA to doubt.

But this loss isn’t for the Lakers alone, Cousins himself has much more to lose given that his image is deteriorating. His previous character that he purported to have is nowhere to be seen. Even if he made back into the field, he has to play under restricted time. His body appears to be in a delicate position.

The 2019-20 season was supposed to be a rewarding time for Cousins. Playing along LeBron James and Anthony Davis would have provided a perfect forum for Cousins to shoot back. Cousins was to benefit, and the Lakers were to rise.

This year was supposed to be so sweet for Lakers. Cousins would have been in the middle of it all, in his full glory. The attention that Lakers usually get would have been bolstered, and its roster worth of being a must watch on the TV.

Injuries seem to be bullying Cousins at the moment when he is almost at the doorstep to gain what’s rightfully his or what his talent demand he should attain. His talent is outrun to extinction at his position, even his body is a bit of bad luck, and it’s betraying him.

It’s difficult to rely on Cousins completely given his recent history. The Achilles’ injury is a killer, especially when you factor in his weight. The ACL injury is to put him out for the entire offseason.

Now, DeMarcus will do his rehab while waiting for the opportunity in the hope that his body won’t betray him again.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/with-demarcus-cousins-latest-severe-injury-hes-becoming-a-what-if-all-star/ar-AAFRjul

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