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Improve Your Inbound Marketing Strategy by Using Social Media

Internet Marketing

Even though nowadays social networks are a very appealing field where you can develop successful marketing strategies, many have difficulties generating a significant return on investment. This is especially due to high competition, ever-changing algorithms and costly marketing mistakes that usually happen.

It is true. Digital marketing can be kind of a minefield, but it also offers enormous potential for your business. Next, learn how social networks can be used to significantly boost inbound marketing campaigns of any company.

Content is Everything

In order to achieve a successful social media marketing strategy it’s essential to have high quality content. According to a recent joint report by Eloqua and Kapost, content marketing produces 300% more potential customers than paid searches.

An excellent way to attract traffic to your website is to promote content through social media and other channels. After consumers interact with that content, they increase their chances of expressing interest in your services.

An important point: quality content should not focus primarily on sales. Social media efforts and content marketing should create an audience focusing on fostering a relationship and providing value over time, rather than seeking an immediate sale.

Leveraging the Power of Facebook Targeting

Although having quality content is essential, it won’t have the expected impact if you don’t use the right tactics to put it in front of your target audience. For Florian Sussbauer, social media systems guru, in order to find quality inbound leads it’s necessary to take a deep dive into targeting.

Sussbauer adds:

“Basic demography is not enough. Facebook allows you to be deeper by focusing on the users’ interests, the labor sector they belong to and more, and also allows you to exclude groups that you don’t want to aim your strategy to. Creating a custom audience on Facebook, through a pre-existing customer group, is a great way to find new leads with similar characteristics to your current customers. ”

Contrary to what it seems, reducing the potential audience for your Facebook ads increases your potential to generate quality inbound leads.

Closing the Sale

If you’ve already generated incoming potential customers as a product of your social media marketing campaigns, then you must follow the correct steps to continue and close the sale. To achieve brand growth, it’s important to use the right tools for the organization and evaluation of inbound leads.

On the other hand, you must ensure that your team works with qualified leads and subsequently adapt the conversations according to the information obtained through lead generation tools. By doing so, your sales staff will use their time efficiently.

However, to achieve this it’s also important to have the right sales team. This should be made up of people who share the core values ​​of your company, especially those oriented to growth and who are always trying to improve their skills.

Another important attribute when assembling a successful sales and marketing team is coachability. According to Sussbauer, “A trained marketing team is always in search of learning opportunities. They’re always looking for ways to improve, allowing them to be more efficient and find new ways to contribute to the results of their agency. ”

With the right equipment and resources, your business can have a powerful source of revenue with the leads generated from social media. Thus, you will ensure stronger sales results in the future. Also, using social media as an inbound marketing tool in an effective way, you can be sure that your advertising budget won’t be wasted.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ryanrobinson/2019/09/18/social-media-marketing-strategy/#37684131ff3c

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