Illegal Online Gambling Ringleader Escapes from Police Custody in Malaysia

Malaysian Authorities are now explaining the situation after an illegal online gambling ringmaster slipped through the hands. The operator was taken to a local courthouse when managed to flee the police.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) last week announced that several senior members of Kuala Lumpur police have been detained for protecting an illegal gambling and money laundering ring leader.

The police were in front of the MACC headquarters in order to re-arrest certain individuals who were in the process of being released on bail to help MACC in the investigation.

However, the suspected ringleader managed to escape before the police can pounce. He was seen climbing a side gate with the help of two bodyguards and got into a car waiting outside. CCTV footage was revealed. He is yet to be seen after that.

Police later identified him as Goh Leong Yeong. The 32-year-old allegedly runs multiple gambling sites in Malaysia catering to the Chinese mainland gamblers. He is also known as Alvin. He is reportedly involved in money laundering on behalf of Malaysian celebrities.

As per the local media, Goh distributed RM4mn per month to a local establishment to ensure his operations are not troubled. Those recipients are allegedly influential people, senior police officers, and other non-cop officers. They have been detained by MACC.

It is also being investigated whether there is an insider involved in helping Goh to escape thanks to the distributed money.

In a continuous action against illegal gambling, police have arrested 45 Chinese nationals from luxury Kondos for running illegal gambling.


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