IGT and NBA Signs B2B Sports Betting Deal for Regional Operators

IGT, International Game Technology, a gambling tech firm has worked out a deal to allow its B2B sports betting partners the right to use to NBA intellectual property. The B2B partners can do that without signing a direct deal with the league.

IGT announced a multi-year deal with the NBA. The deal makes IGT the first company or B2B sports betting platform in the US that can offer the regional casinos and sportsbooks to use the data, trademarks, and logos through the partnership with IGT.

NBA has recently signed many high-profile deals. The deals include operators like DraftKings, FanDuel, Mexico’s Codere, Australia’s Tabcorp Holdings and BetEeasy, Uruguay’s SuperMatch, the Kindred Group’s Unibet brand, Baltic gaming operator Olympic Entertainment Group and William Hill.

Now, the smaller companies and the racing tracks who may not have such huge marketing budgets will get an opportunity to add sports betting to their product mix. The deal with IGT would be an economical option for them instead of directly reaching out to the NBA.

With a deal with IGT, the smaller companies can use the PlaySports B2B betting services and also NBA Ips along with real-time NBA data.

Enrico Drago, IGT PlayDigital VP, said that the NBA tie-up further validates the seriousness of IGT in delivering sports betting solutions for the US market and supports the all-in-one proposition with the offer.

Scott Kaufman-Ross, the Head of Fantasy and Gaming of NBA said that the IGT’s out of the box authentic NBA Sports Betting solution would be a diverse set for the regional operators across the US.

IGT signed a deal with Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians for retail sports betting arrangements for the two casinos in North Dakota. This deal would also help IGT sports betting presence in 15 US States.

IGT already announced a full-service trading team based in Las Vegas to improve the appeal of PlaySports and meet the demand of the platform.

Source: https://calvinayre.com/2020/10/14/business/igt-nba-b2b-sports-betting-deal-regional-casinos/

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