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Ideas on How to Turn Your Home into a Haunted House

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Are you ready for Halloween? If you would like to turn your home into a haunted house here are some simple steps on how you can make it look like a scary place.

Choose a location

First, choose an area which is safe and easy to reach. Aside from your living room, you can try setting up in your backyard or garden so that it can be easily seen by your guests. And then, make a floor plan on how you would like the design to look like.

Financial Plan

Make sure you have a specific budget for the materials, decorations and special effects you need in making your house look haunted. Creativity and design is all that matters. It doesn’t need to be expensive or glamorous.

Make it dark

When you turn your home into a haunted house you have to make the area dark and sinister looking to make it scary and real. You can use dark colored blankets and curtain or even trash bags. This will make your visitors feel scared and amazed at the same time.


You can improve your dream haunted house with different kinds of illusions or effects like Halloween sounds, creepy background, hanging spider webs and many more. Creating a scary atmosphere will surely capture your guest’s attention.

Select your audience

If the haunted house you have in mind is for young children make sure that the design is fit for them. You can have your friends or family member take part and lead the children into a less scary area. It is also much better if you set an age limit to make sure the kids won’t be too scared and ran off.


Months before Halloween don’t forget to send your spooky invitation to friends and neighbors. You can even try to post it into your social media account so that your guests will be ready and available to visit your scary home.

Now that you have an idea on how to turn your home into a haunted house make sure to take plenty of pictures and videos. Above all else, have fun and enjoy!

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