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IBM Is Willing To Work With Facebook On Cryptocurrency And Blockchain

According to recent statements by a company executive to CNBC, IBM is open to work together with Facebook in its digital currency efforts and in the development of blockchain technology.

IBM’s blockchain services general manager, Jason Kelley, said that the company seeks to foster collaboration in all industries in terms of technologies such as blockchain, which he sees as a “team sport.”

For Kelley, it’s important to make the distinction between talking about cryptocurrencies and the “tokenization” of assets, where everything can be issued on a digital ledger: from currencies to stocks. He added that working with a company like Facebook will give more legitimacy to the underlying technology.

However, Kelley did not say whether IBM was interested in joining Facebook’s consortium, known as the Libra Association.

It should be noted that companies such as IBM have taken the principles behind cryptocurrencies to create their own blockchain solutions that organize data in a distributed network of computers. The argument of these companies is that this allows transparency around everything, from banking to supply chain management.

On the other hand, Facebook met last week with the global central banks in order to clarify doubts about the Libra project. However, this proposal continues to be criticized by regulators, even receiving threats of blockade in the EU by European heavyweights France and Germany.

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/23/libra-ibm-says-its-open-to-working-with-facebook-on-digital-currency.html


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