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Huy Nguyen – A Person with Unwavering Determination

Huy Nguyen

Following the path of least resistance is usually the chosen way of life for most people. In any given population, the number of risk-takers will be overshadowed by those who are risk-averse. In Asian households, the pressure on being ‘normal’ is very high, with parents pushing their children the academic route to ensure a secure, salaried future. And then there are the outliers, the ones who do not adhere to the herd mentality of living what is often a predictable lifestyle. Vietnamese-American Huy Nguyen is one such person.

Huy Nguyen was born in Houston, Texas to a Vietnamese parents. His mother, Thanh Tuyen is a well known famous singer and is widely known as the Celine Dion of Vietnam. His extended family also have reputable singing careers of their own. However, music was not Huy’s calling. At a very young age, Huy knew that he couldn’t just fall in line with what society deemed normal. His restless mind was just trying to figure out where he fit best and during this journey, he experienced a multitude of ups and downs. As a teenager, Huy experienced many jobs – busboy at a restaurant, a waiter, a tire shop serviceman and a retail store salesman. After graduating high school, Huy enrolled at the University of Houston. This, however, would be a short stint because he dropped out soon after, during his junior year. While he was at university and even after he dropped out, he was working as an accountant, for a duration of six years. In 2011 however, things took a turn for the worse.

Huy Nguyen

Huy Nguyen served time behind bars and faced two charges filed again him by state of Texas. After fighting his case in the courts for two years, he was finally granted probation with a sentence of four years. Finding a job with a tarnished background was understandably difficult, and after a long and arduous period of unemployment, he finally struck gold installing air conditioners. The job paid $8USD per hour and even though it was not the most ideal or even secure ‘career’ to pursue, Nguyen was happy to have finally bagged a job.

His employer, who was Vietnamese-American like him and was about his age, was a kindred spirit who understood him. Huy held him in high regard and even considered him a role model of sorts. The next four years would find Huy go through three different companies in the same industry, while picking up tricks of the trade along the way. He acquired certifications in the interim and progressed from being an installer to the position of a service technician. After the four years, he applied to take the state examination to receive a license in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning). He passed the test and decided to follow his dream and start his own business. With $20,000USD that he managed to save over the years, he started his company AMS ColdPro LLC. Within two years the company has grossed over a million dollars, and has become a trusted and solidified HVAC company in Texas.

Huy takes great pride in his HVAC business, and loves that he gets to serve and give back to his community through his company and trade skills. In Texas, where the company is based, temperatures regularly hit the high 90s to over 100 in mid summer, a fact that does make him a lifesaver of sorts. He feels especially gratified at being able to diagnose problematic HVAC cases and providing solutions to customers.

In 2019, he started a second company, The Cargo Crew, LLC – a trucking, freight and logistics company. His plan is to build a fleet of trucks to transport goods, service and supplies, through the length and breadth of USA. In short, Huy Nguyen has just started, and does not intend to stop anytime soon!

Huy’s story is of true grit and determination. A story that is testament to the fact that no matter how hard you fall, all it takes is the ability to stand up, brush off and keep moving forward. There is no replacement for hard work, something that Huy Nguyen will vouch for, if his life is anything to go by. If you put in the hours and effort, there truly is nothing that can hold you back!

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