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Hughes Brothers, Jack And Quinn are Highly Regarded Prospects In NHL to Join the League In 2019-20 Season


Two brothers Jack and Quinn Hughes are two NHL highly regarded prospects who will be joining the league in 2019-20 season. In the NHLPA Rookie showcase, Jack said that it would be pretty cool when both of them battle for the Rookie Award of the Year.

Jack was 2019 first-overall pick by New Jersey Devils while Quinn bounded in his NCAA second season at Michigan. He turned pro and played five games with Vancouver last season.

While the two are quite different, they have common features; stand at 5-10fts, weighs around 170 pounds. When they were asked about common sibling rivalries, both laugh and Jack respond that the night they will play each other would be crazy.

They have been together all along since their childhood and enjoyed playing ping pong during those moments. Hockey runs deep into Hughes family, Luke, Jack younger brother, is a defenseman for Under 18 USA Hockey National Development Program. Their father is a captain for Providence College men ice hockey team and assistant coach of Toronto Maple Leafs. Jack acknowledged that their parents taught them everything they know about the game.

They grew up in Toronto and Michigan area, and their parent used to take them to watch NHL games and taught them fundamentals of the game. They later joined the NTDP. In 2017 NHL Draft, by Vancouver, Quinn had 62 points in 69 games almost scoring a point in each game. In 2018-19 season in a five-game trial, he scored three goals and equaled his rating. He will be joining the Canucks top four.

Jack is impressive, he started with USA Hockey and broke many scoring records. He surpassed Clayton Keller 190 points as he set an all-time scoring lead with 228 points. His speed is impressive and made him the league top prospect.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/for-jack-and-quinn-hughes-sibling-rivalry-in-rearview-as-careers-take-off/ar-AAGKxQI


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