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How To Work From Home Well


Working from home is a new trend which seems to be getting more and more popular. It allows you to complete work from the comfort of your home without having to get to an office. It allows you to save money on reducing your petrol bill as well as avoid annoying co-workers.

Working from home does not work for everyone as some people struggle to concentrate when at home.

The following are some tips which you can consider implementing in order to work effectively from home:

1. Turn off your notifications

Turn off your mobile notifications when you are working or set your phone to the “do not disturb” mode. This will improve your ability to focus. Only check your messages once you have finished.

2. Get someone to take care of your child

People who have young children may find it difficult to effectively work from home. It is advisable to hire someone to take care of your child while working or to leave them in the care of someone trusted.

3. Get a comfortable chair

In order to work effectively, you should create a healthy and happy working environment. A chair directly affects your level of comfort so you should have a seat which is comfortable.

4. Set limits and divide your day realistically

Most people can only concentrate for 90 minutes at a time. Many people may opt to work for 8-10 hours straight when on tight deadlines.

This usually results in rushed work being done and it hampers quality. Instead, divide your day into 90 minute sessions while taking 10-15 minute breaks between sessions.

5. Inform people of your schedule and enforce it

Interruptions are one of the most annoying things when working from home. Interruptions most often come from family and friends. You should share your schedule with them to reduce the chances of them interrupting you as you work.

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