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How to Show Gratitude to Loyal Customers


Showing appreciation to loyal customers doesn’t need to be expensive and luxurious. There are ways on how to say thank you for being such a great customer. Below are few economical ways that you can extend to your regular clients.

Give Recognition

Giving recognition or acknowledgment to customers is a way of showing your gratitude and their importance to you and your business. You can show recognition by featuring them on your company’s website, social media or in your own store. By doing that, you might encourage other prospective customers in buying the product or service that you offer.

VIP Event Treatment

It feels great when you’re treated like a VIP. Why not try organizing an event to your devoted and regular buyers. It can be a charity event, party, or a simple gathering in the store. Inform them to bring their friends and family. It’s one way of introducing your product to potential buyers and later on become loyal customers as well.

Exclusive Access

One good way to show appreciation to your regular customer is by giving something special or exclusive access especially if the product is new and not yet available in the market. Giving them special access is a way of telling them that they are your priority which makes them feel valued. Just by simply making them feel good is a great help in building good and lasting relationship.

Promo and Discounts

You can try giving small discounts to regular customers as a sign of appreciation. Customers will surely love it. Giving promos and discounts will definitely gain customer’s loyalty and trust. Instead of buying to other, they will rather choose your product or service especially if you treat them well and take care of them.

Ask for Feedback

As a business owner of course you want to give the best to all of your customers. To know if they are satisfied, you can ask for feedbacks or surveys. Most of the time, customers are honest and they will greatly appreciate that you are concern with them. It’s also a way of knowing if your product or service is great. Positive or negative feedback, you must take it seriously and take note of all their concerns.

Always remember to keep your loyal customers happy and satisfied. Making them happy is a way of gaining new customers through their recommendations. Treat them well and treat them as family.

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