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How to respond to negative reviews


Even if you are the best businessman, the chances are that you will get negative reviews from time to time. As the saying goes, “you can’t please them all”. Getting negative reviews can hurt. They can make you feel angry and defensive. It is important for all entrepreneurs to know the art of responding to bad feedback.

Take a deep breath

Your reaction is likely to be negative after seeing a negative response about yourself or your business. The first thing that you should do is take a deep breath. It is not a good thing to strike back out of anger. It is possible that there may be some truth to the review which may highlight a weakness within your business. Take a moment to calm your emotions before deciding what to do next.

Determine if there is truth to the review

Once you are calm, re-read the comment and see if it has any merit. There are times when a negative review is justified and can allow you to identify measures to improve your business and products.

Decide if you should respond

You do not need to respond to all bad reviews. There are times when people may troll you or just act rude or nasty. In such cases, it is probably not worth it responding to the feedback. However, sometimes, a response is important. A thoughtful and fair response can help you to maintain a client and improve relationships. It can also show potential and current customers that you take their opinions seriously and value their feedback.

If the bad review is actually contrastive and makes for fair comment, you should consider responding to it.

Always be polite

Never lash out or speak to a customer using profane or non-professional language.

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